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The following system is based on the State Standardized Transcript. The standardized transcript shall be based on a marking / grading system that reports the marks / grades earned by students in courses as follows:

A 4.0 C 2.0
A- 3.7 C- 1.7
B+ 3.3 D+ 1.3
B 3.0 D 1.0
B- 2.7 F 0.0
C+ 2.3

Counseling Center General Information

The counseling center at W.F. West offers services including student record keeping, placement testing, personal counseling, college and career guidance, and student scheduling.

The counseling center is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. daily. Our doors are always open. We are able to take care of most walk-ins and emergencies at any time. However, we would appreciate pre-arranged appointments. The counseling center phone number is 807-7235 ext. 5514.

Mrs. Shawna Goble
10th and 12th Grade
email Mrs. Goble

ext. 5519
Ms. Becky Smith
9th and 11th Grade
email Ms. Smith
ext. 5518

Mrs. Autumn Ledgerwood
LAP Counselor
Students in Math / Reading Ext. Classes
email Mrs. Ledgerwood
ext. 5517

Mrs. Janis Dobyns
email Mrs. Dobyns
ext. 5514


W.F. West High School ID Number

When registering for the SAT or ACT, you will need our school number. It is 480175

Counseling Center Phone Extensions

  1. to reach the counseling center dial the high school: 360.807.7235
  2. press the pound/number sign (#)
  3. dial the four-digit extension for the person you wish to reach
  4. press the pound/number sign (#)